Born in 1989, Marilou used creativity from a very young age. She owns an extraordinary sense of observation and increased sensitivity. She draws everywhere, all the time, with all possible mediums and surfaces.

At 16, she participated in the beautification of her high school by painting frescoes and won the competition announced by the Converse company. of a shoe design that is happening across Canada. It was then that she decided to enroll in graphic design at the Cégep de Ste-Foy and qualified for a specialization in illustration.

In the meantime, she took live model classes at the Maison des Métiers d'Art de Québec and participated in several charitable works as a volunteer and helped raise donations for several foundations.

It was for greater stability that in 2015 she decided to do an AEC in accounting and was offered a management position while being an assistant controller in a multinational.

In 2021, she returned to work in the family business as an accounting technician to find a regular schedule. It is this change that helps him find time to become more involved in her first passion, art with a capital A. Following her ASP in business launch in December 2022, she is now ready and equipped to become an independent artist-entrepreneur.


Being very sensitive, Marilou has a vast range of emotions. She uses art as a channel of communication; Throughout her works, we find joyful and colorful characters who express darker emotions. Duality and contradiction are there.

Above all, she wishes to bring out the uniqueness of each observer, so that those who look at her creations are challenged in such a way as to recognize themselves through the energy of the character and the creation itself.

Marilou uses different mediums, depending on the type of rendering desired and the emotions expressed. Watercolor, graphite, alcohol pencils, ink, acrylic. No medium escapes him!

Her inspiration comes from different sources; lived and coveted experiences, Nature, spirituality and human behavior. She also enjoys integrating fragments from different eras to create a happy mix.

Her artistic technique lies between pop surrealism which aims to be very playful by decrying social and societal ills, a touch of expressionism with well-assumed bright colors and pointillism since the details are particularly important for the artist.