Return and refund

Unique artworks

Marilou Desharnais Artiste undertakes to ensure delivery of the painting by postal mail, anywhere in Canada under certain conditions, when the amount of the sale has been fully paid. A signature will be required upon receipt of the artwork. Read the shipping policy tab for more details.

Marilou Desharnais Artiste disclaims all liability after adequate delivery of the artwork, if it is damaged by breakage, fire, theft or vandalism.

Note that there are no refunds after the sale of a painting. The deposit to reserve a painting is non-refundable, if you change your mind about the choice of artwork, contact Marilou Desharnais Artiste quickly.

For all personalized orders, a deposit of 30% to 50% of the total estimated value will be required before production of the artwork begins (the deposit is non-refundable). The terms mentioned above regarding final payment and delivery remain the same. However, no refund will not be given on custom orders.

The buyer undertakes to exhibit the artwork in conditions which will promote its preservation. If necessary, recommendations will be provided to you.

The painting is offered in a single copy. A single certificate of authenticity will be produced and given to the buyer. Relevant information will be recorded there. In the event of resale, this certificate must be given to the next purchaser. Marilou Desharnais Artiste remains the sole owner of all her copyrights.


Derivative products

Refund and Resend

No item is refundable. As each item is handmade, variations may occur from order to order or from piece to piece.

Items are non-refundable if there are any sizing issues. Please choose the appropriate size based on our measurement charts.

Contact us as soon as possible if you have a problem with your order so that we can find a solution.

If there is an error with your order or if you wish to make any changes after you have placed your order, you should contact us as soon as possible.

If there is a problem, please make sure to include reference photos and your comments.

All referrals are handled on a case-by-case basis. In most cases, Marilou Desharnais Artiste does not cover the costs of returning printed products. Returns must be made within one week of receiving the product to issue a refund.

Exception to authorize an exchange:

1. Defective product

  • Occasionally, a product may be damaged or have imperfections.
  • Please contact us as soon as possible and provide detailed photos of the damaged product. Additionally, please provide us with your order/invoice number.
  • We will analyze issues on a case-by-case basis.

2. Delivery problem

  • If the package is lost in transit and is returned to us, we will resend your order.
  • Please note that a package will be considered lost from 20 working days following your purchase.